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Matthew John, is a nationally recognized expert on small-scale, sustainable poultry production.  He has been breeding poultry for over 30 years, has worked in the commercial poultry industry managing breeding stock, consulted with various non-profits and private farms.  He also has written and managed several grants and has written many articles in poultry and farming magazines and other publications.

Matt has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Education from Purdue University and Master of Science in Agriculture from Western Kentucky University.  He currently works as Program Chair and Professor for the Agriculture Program at Ivy Tech Community College - Columbus, Indiana.  He teaches Animal Nutrition, Introduction to Animal Science, Poultry Production, Animal Production Facilities as well as several other courses.

Matt is available to speak/write/consult on a variety of topics including breeding, genetics, management, sustainable/regenerative agriculture systems, business management, egg quality, poultry selection and processing.

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