We offer farm fresh chicken, duck, and quail eggs.

We have duck eggs year-round. Our ducks are allowed full access to the outdoors except at night when we close them up to keep predators out. Many people prefer duck eggs for baking. According to USDA, they are higher than chicken eggs in seven of eight minerals, seven of nine vitamins and eleven of eighteen amino acids. They have higher levels of protein, energy, lipids and carbohydrates. The only thing that chicken eggs have more of is water. Some people who have an allergy to chicken eggs can eat duck eggs with no problems.

We will also sell Balut eggs from our ducks on a pre-order basis, we require at least 3 weeks notice for orders.

Our chicken eggs are only available seasonally as most of the chickens we breed are exhibition and heritage strains so we sell hatching eggs and hatch chicks on the farm for replacement stock and to sell to other breeders and exhibitors.

Our quail eggs come from Coturnix or Japanese quail and are used mostly for pickling, gourmet cooking, sushi and appetizers.
Exhibition Quality Poultry